Natural Wood 2 Player Sling Puck Game Interactive Chess Toy Board


Add a fun game to your gatherings and family nights with this interactive chess toy board. It can be played by 2 players and the board itself can be used to store the pucks after playing. 

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Product Description:

This Sling Puck Game is made of high-quality environmental-friendly wood and treated with a special varnish for better slip and resistance and longer abrasive, which allows the light pucks to move at lightning speed. A must-have for your game room.

This Sports Board game helps improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, lets them learn how to control the pucks and aim in the direction, and also gets the ability of the slinging strategy. It encourages children to react faster and more accurately to slings.

To play: Start the Wooden Hockey Game and place five pucks on each side of the board. Slide both ends of the elastic band into the side grooves so that they snap into place. Whoever clears the board first wins.

Slingshot Hockey Game is lightweight and compact enough to carry when traveling and camping. Just take out the board and play with family and friends. The board is a box that stores all the pucks after the game is played.

Product Specification:

Color: Wood

Material: Wood

Size: 22 x 36.3cm 

Weight: 450g

Function: Catapult Chess Game

Package Inclusion:

1 x Catapult Chess Game

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