One-Click Butter Saver Quick and Efficient Stick Butter Dispenser


Dispense butter
uniformly and spread it on your toast, pancakes, or corn with this butter
dispenser. You don’t have to wait for your cold butter to melt before slicing
it, this device will cut the butter for you. 

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Product Description:

The butter dispenser can keep the butter and your hands
clean, and evenly cut the slightly cooled butter into thin slices, suitable to
use for the standard stick of butter and is perfect for toasts and pancakes.

It is made out of ABS and stainless steel materials, with a
unique design, which can ensure the uniform thickness of each slice, making it
more convenient and beautiful to use.

To use, fill it with hard butter. You can use one or both
hands to cut into thin slices and spread them. You can also use this to
dispense cheese, suitable for parties and gatherings.


 Product Specification:

Color: Yellow

Material: ABS,
201 Blade


Weight: 263g

Butter Dispenser



Package Inclusion:

1 x Butter


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