Pack of 2 Long Handled Soft Bristled Liquid Soap Shoe Cleaning Brush


Clean the nooks and crevices of your shoes and scrub all the
build-up dirt away with this soft-bristled brush. It comes with a long handle
and has a tank where you can put liquid detergent, making it convenient and
easy to clean. 

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Product Description:

The shoe-washing brush has an automatic liquid addition
function, which produces rich foam and foams rapidly for easier cleaning.

It adopts ultra-hard fibers and a dense bristle design, which
can clean in all directions without leaving dead corners

It comes with soft bristles and has some texture on the
surface of the handle, making it non-slip and giving it a comfortable grip.

It has a storage hole at the end so you can hang it on your
wall to let it drain and dry. It does not take up space and can also be used to
clean stuff other than shoes. m




Color: Green and White

Material: ABS, TPR

Size: 17cm x 4.5cm

Bristle Length: 6cm

Weight: 100g

Function: Shoe Cleaning Brush



Package Inclusion:

2 x Shoe Cleaning Brush

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Weight0.25 kg


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