Pain Relief Foot Massaging Mat Foot Relaxant Acupressure Mat


This foot massage mat is widely used during
punishment games. While you see the appearance of intense pains often on TV, it
is said that you can expect to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue by
stimulating pressure points on the soles of your feet.

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Product Description:

Just step on to stimulate the reflection area of the sole to promote blood circulation and restore fatigue. Say goodbye to an unhealthy immune system. This mat is perfect for office workers, seniors,
and students.

You can bring this massage pad or put it away when not in
use. It can be rolled up for storage. Colored massage stones are not heavy
stones, but high-quality polypropylene, lightweight and easy to carry.

The soles of your feet may feel painful at the beginning.
Wear thick socks until you get used to them, or put a towel on top of the foot
pressure point mat, and step on the top gently.

The pad is suitable for people who stand or sit for a long
time, lack exercise, have stiff muscles, lack blood circulation, and need to
relax. It is also suitable for everyone who wants to improve their health and
develop healthy habits.


Color: Black

Material: Leather, PP

Size: 175 * 35cm

Weight: 500g

Function: Foot Massage Mat



Package Inclusion:

1 x Foot Massage Mat 

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Weight0.6 kg


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