Pala Pizza Scorrevole the Ultimate Sliding Pizza Peel


Achieve pizza perfection with the
ultimate sliding pizza peel. This durable and crack-resistant pizza board
ensures flawless pizza transfers every time. Say goodbye to sticking and
runaway toppings, as this peel delivers perfectly shaped pies. Its versatile
design allows you to safely lift pizzas, cakes, bread, cupcakes, or muffin pans
from the oven. Elevate your pizza-making game with this Sliding Pizza Peel.

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Product Description:

Experience the
ultimate in pizza perfection with This Pala Pizza Scorrevole, the ultimate
sliding pizza peel for flawless pizza transfers. Crafted with natural
materials, this pizza board is sturdy, durable, and crack-resistant, ensuring
long-lasting performance. With no sticking or runaway toppings, you can achieve
perfectly shaped pies every time.

The versatile
design of this pizza peel goes beyond pizza. It’s perfect for lifting pizzas,
cakes, bread, cupcakes, or muffin pans out of the oven, while keeping your
hands and arms safely away from the heat. Say goodbye to burned fingers and
hello to effortless baking.

Cleaning is a
breeze with this pizza paddle. Simply rinse it clean with water and use a cloth
to wipe and dry. The handle features a convenient hanging hole at the bottom,
allowing for easy drying and space-saving storage.

Not limited to
pizzas, this lightweight and durable pizza peel is also ideal for serving
bread, cakes, and other delicious creations from the stove or grill. Unleash
your cooking creativity as the possibilities are endless.

Product Specification:

Color: White

Weight: 610g

Material: Food Grade PP + High-Temperature Cloth

Size: 30 x 58cm

Function: Sliding Pizza Peel

Package Inclusion:

1 x Sliding Pizza Peel

Additional information

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