Polyester Fabric Hanging Rattan Egg Chair Protection Cover


Protect your outdoor furniture from rain,
dirt, dust and bird droppings with this effective heavy-duty furniture cover.  Keep your outdoor egg chair good as
new when you are not around by having it wrapped with this protection cover
which helps shield it from various conditions.

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Keep your outdoor hanging chair protected
when not in use with this protection cover. It is constructed from a durable
and waterproof polyester fabric, they’ll protect your furniture from dirt,
dust, rain, snow and even bird droppings. Perfect to use during summer or when
you are going out on a long vacation.

This Outdoor Furniture Cover is made out of
woven polyester material with PU coating, that is guaranteed waterproof and
easy to be cleaned. This cover is low-maintenance and is made to protect your
outdoor furniture against sunlight, dust, bird poop, and even damage that can
be brought by extreme weather conditions.

This cover has a built-in tighten rope at
the bottom, made specially to protect your furniture against strong winds. This
cover can be used for a variety of furniture, such as your hanging rattan
chair, moulded trestle tables, and more.



Color: Black, Gray

Material: Polyester

Size: 190*115cm

Weight: 450g

Functions: Outdoor Furniture Cover



1 * Egg Chair Cover

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Weight0.45 kg

Gray, Black


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