Portable Clamp Multimeter Current and Voltage Meter- Battery Operated


This clamp meter can accurately measure AC current, AC/DC
voltage, frequency, resistance, and capacitance, and also offers diode, continuity, and temperature testing. The different functions meet your different
measurement needs.

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Product Description:

This non-contact voltage tester is a perfect troubleshooting
amp meter tool, you can accurately troubleshoot vehicle or internal electrical
problems in a fraction of the time and get the job done more efficiently.

The multimeter can measure ac current, ac/dc voltage,
live/zero wire, serve as continuity, resistance, and capacitance tester. It can
also measure non-contact voltage detection and buzzer alarm, temperature,
frequency, and duty cycle with less error & more accuracy.

It has a backlight LCD screen and clamp head lighting with
one hand operation trigger, it’s easy to use even if the ambient light is too
dark. It can measure wires up to 25 mm without interrupting the circuit. It also has double-open jaws to meet your operating habits.

The voltmeter will automatically enter sleep mode after 15
minutes of inactivity for energy conservation, prolonging its battery life so
it can handle the demands of a long workday.




Color: Red

Material: ABS, PVC

Size: Front- 25 x 49.7 mm

            Side- 16 x
182 x 23.5 mm

Weight: 350g

Function: Digital Clamp Meter

Measuring voltage range: 600 (V)

Measuring current range: 400 (A)

Measuring resistance range: 60000K (ohm)

Battery: AAA battery x 2 (not included)

Resistance range: 60000Kohm

Max count: 6000

Clamp opening size: 25mm

Auto Display: Yes

Display: color screen HD



Package Inclusion:

1 x Digital Clamp Meter

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