Portable Emergency Outdoor Camping Light Salt Water Survival Lamp


Do not worry about running out of electricity during camping outdoors or emergencies with this salt lamp. It can be used without batteries or charging and comes in handy at critical moments.

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Product Description:

This emergency camping lantern uses salt water as the electrolyte to power the LED lights and is suitable for use without a power supply. No need to charge or install batteries, just add salt water to light up the lamp. (Adding seawater or urine will also work.)

The emergency water light has a foldable design and can be easily packed into a backpack or emergency bag. It is suitable for outdoor activities, night fishing, and camping. Also, it’s a good survival device for disaster

It includes 3 LEDs with a high brightness of up to 50 lumens, enough to light up a room or camping tent. The LED water light can stay lit for at least 140 hours. When you’re done using it, you can pour saltwater out of the bag, rinse it with fresh water, and let it dry until the next use. (up to 70 days)

To use: Add salt water up to the marked line, shake it, and then turn on the switch to light up the LED. It also comes with a strap. Secure the plastic hook loops onto the two holes on the top of the emergency light, so that you can hang it up.

Note: Salt is not included.Be sure to manually turn off the switch

Product Specification:

Color: Green

Material: ABS

Size: 8 x 4 inches

Folded- 3.3 x 3.9 inches

Weight: 90g

Function: Salt Lamp

Output Current: 100mA

Power: 0.5W

Salt to be added: 15g

Lighting time: >140h

Brightness: 50LM (LEDx3)

Package Inclusion:

1 x Salt Lamp

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