USB Rechargeable Motion Sensor LED Night Light for Wall Cabinet Stairs


Save energy and replace your night lights
with these Rechargeable Motion Sensor Magnetic LED Lights. These vertical lights
can be carried or be latched on your walls and they will instantly light up to
illuminate your path at night.

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Product Description:

This Motion Sensor LED
Night can be used in two ways. When the sensor light switch is turned on, the
light will be turned on and will not turn off. When the Auto mode is selected,
the light will turn on when a presence is detected up to 4m in distance, will
stay on for about 15 seconds, and will automatically turn off when the presence
is gone.

The light contains warm
colored LED lights, it does not glare and won’t hurt your eyes. It emits just
the right amount of brightness, enough to illuminate and brighten your path at
night. This light is useful at night, when doing late-night trips to the
bathroom, or when you get hungry at night and you need to do a quick trip to
the kitchen.

The base of the night
light and the body of the lamp is connected by a magnetic force, which is
convenient to carry, relocate, and remove at any time. The magnet of the lamp’s
body can latch on any metal surface, which is suitable for any indoor or outdoor
space that needs lighting such as bedrooms or hallways.

The induction lamp is
made out of high-quality materials and employs a cylindrical shape with a
wooden accent and a texture that goes well in your interior. This light is one
of the best options to be your accent light to lighten your hallway, outdoor
pathway, garden, patios, bedroom, and bathroom.



Color: Dark Wood, Light

Material: Solid Wood,
Organic Glass, Electronics

Packaging Size: 80 * 43
* 210 mm

Weight: 100g

Functions: Intelligent
Sensor Light

Usage Time: 6 hours

Battery Information:
500mAh Rechargeable Battery

Voltage: ≤36V (V)

Light Head Color:

Detection range: 4

Light source type: LED

IP Rating: IP20


Package Inclusion:

1 * Lamp

1 * Holder

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual



Additional information

Weight0.2 kg

Light Wood, Dark Wood


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