Solar Powered Flower String Lights Cherry Blossom Sakura Fairy Lights


Upgrade your garden lights with these
blooming flower fairy lights. These lights have a Cherry Blossom design, giving
you the prettiest blossoming flower effect that will make your outdoor space
beautiful and pleasant to look at.

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These Solar-Powered
Cherry Blossom Fairy Lights have a total of 100, 50, and 20 LED Bulbs that is
available in 12, 7, and 5 meters in length, and is suitable to use as a flower light
and decoration for your outdoor space areas like gardens, patios, verandas, and
even your outdoor hallways and stairs.

These lights
automatically absorb and store sunlight and convert it to energy during the
daytime. It also automatically lights up at night or when it senses that the
surroundings are already dark. It charges 6-8 hours depending on the sunlight,
giving you 8-12 hours of working time.

These lights have a
protection rating of IP65, enabling you to use it through different seasons and
weather conditions. These lights are suitable to use for different occasions
such as indoor and outdoor gatherings, birthday parties, and other celebrations
that needs pretty lights as a background.

These Sakura Fairy
Lights are equipped with 2 working modes that are always bright and flashing,
which helps create a warm and lovely environment for your home and family in
various ways.



Color: White, Warm,

Material: PVC

Length: 12, 7, 5 meters

Weight: 5m- 235, 7m-
250g, 12m-337g

Functions: Solar LED

Usage Time: 8-12 hours

Charging Time: 6-8

Battery Capacity:

No. of LED: 12m: 100 LEDs, 7m:
50 LEDs, 5m: 20 LEDs


Package Inclusion:

1 * 12,7, or 5-meters
Sakura Fairy Lights




Additional information

Weight0.34 kg
Length & Color

5m- White, 5m- Warm, 5m- Color, 7m- White, 7m- Warm, 7m- Color, 12m- White, 12m- Warm, 12m- Color


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