Solar Powered LED Outdoor Light and Mosquito Killer USB Charging


Going out on a
camping and worried about the mosquitoes and bugs lurking around? Worry
not! This Solar Powered LED Outdoor light not only serves as your source of
light at night but also serves as a Mosquito Zapper to keep you safe from
mosquito bites and other bugs.

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The outdoor insect
killer lamp is a combination of a camping lamp, ultraviolet mosquito killer lamp,
and an emergency lamp. There are 2 levels of brightness: high brightness and
low brightness. This is a small and exquisite camping device that allows you to
stay comfortable in outdoor activities without being bitten by insects.

Especially bright 360nm-390nm
purple ultraviolet light-physical method to attract and eliminate insects. The
mosquito killer does not involve chemicals and effectively eliminates insects.
It is harmless to human health and environmental safety.

The camping lamp has
a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery. With lantern function only, it can run
for 15 hours and can use the mosquito killer function for 12 hours. It is also
equipped with a USB interface as a backup charging plan when there is no more

These outdoor lantern lights can bring you light during outdoor activities without worrying about
rain. It has a lightweight and sturdy design and comes with an ergonomic
handle, very easy to carry, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as
reading, camping, beach, forest trip, picnic, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.



Color: Blue, Orange

Material: ABS

Size: 75*21*10 (mm)

Weight: 300g

Functions: Outdoor
Light and Mosquito Zapper

Usage Time: High
Light: 12-15 hours, Low Light: 20 hours

Maximum range:

Lighting effect:
Flood beam

Mosquito killer
power: 1.2W

Voltage: 600V

Battery model:
Built-in lithium battery (including lithium-ion battery)

Battery capacity:

Switching mode: Push

Protection level:

Charging method: USB
charging / solar charging


Package Inclusion:

1 * Outdoor Light and
Mosquito Killer

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual


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Weight0.3 kg

Blue, Orange


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