Stand Up Weed Puller Tool 4 Claws Manual Weeder Root Remover


Introducing Stand Up Weed Puller Tool. With a 4-claw design
and foot plate, it effortlessly removes weeds from the ground. Say goodbye to
backaches and kneeling. This weed puller makes weed removal quick and easy. It is
detachable, bend-free, longer, less labor intensive and easier to use.

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Product Description:

upgraded stand-up weed pulling tool comes. You don’t have to bend down or squat
with this weeding tools. You just need to step on the pedal gently and firmly,
let the weed twister grasp the root of the plant and pull it out easily, so

up weeder are mainly made of high-quality aluminum, sturdy and not easy to
bend. The four claws can easily penetrate into all kinds of soil, which
provides great convenience for you to remove weeds. Under normal use, it can
serve you for a long time.

root pulling tool is based on horizontal bar and integrated with barb anti-skid
design to prevent grass roots from sliding. The pedal on the weed’s removal
tool adopts the lever principle, which makes your operation simple,
labor-saving and efficient. The four claws are long enough to be easily
inserted into the soil, and can grasp the roots of plants from four angles to
take them out quickly.

Stand-Up weeding tool (not Included the handle) is suitable for
dandelion, arugula, thistle, crabgrass and other root plants. After eradicating
the roots, the weeds will not grow again and again. Suitable for all kinds of
soil, especially after rain or watering.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Weight: 220g

Material: Aluminum

Size: 13.8 x 14 x 3cm

Suitable for Handel Diameter: 3cm

Function: Weed Puller Head for Garden

Package Inclusion:

1 x Weed Puller Head (not Included the handle)

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