Stress Relief Spinning Pen Flying Ballpoint Pen Fidget Spinner Kid’s Toy


Rotate this pen to help you relieve the stress of work and life, and also exercise finger flexibility, reliable and practical, especially suitable for office workers and children who needs fidget toys to keep them focused.

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Product Description:

The rotating pen adopts translucent silicone, with clear texture and anti-impact. It conforms to ergonomic design, non-slip, and easy to hold. It is also lightweight and small in size, easy to store and carry, and can be easily put into your bag.

In order to achieve better-balancing performance, the two ends of the rotating pen are carefully designed to make it easier to find the balance point, thus improving the flexibility of use. 

It is also designed with an anti-fall silicone cover to increase the durability of the spin pen. The pen is made with aluminum alloy that is sandblasted and anodized for a shiny surface, making it durable and comfortable to use, suitable for beginners and enthusiasts.

By playing with the finger-spinning pen, you can exercise the hands and eyes, and relax from the bustling work or study, adding more fun to school and office life. It can also help you focus, which helps improve your work efficiency. 

Product Specification:

Color: Black, Blue, White

Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy

Size: 23 cm

Weight: 50g

Function: Pen Spinner

Package Inclusion:

1 x Pen Spinner

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Weight0.12 kg

Black, Blue, White


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