Suction Type Multi-Function Car Mobile Phone Holder


Keep your mobile phone from falling inside your
car with this Mobile Phone Holder. This Holder has a strong suction design
that holds your device stably. It does not shake even when you drive through
potholes and rough roads.

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Product Description:

This Multi-Function Car Mobile Phone Holder
helps hold your phone in place so you can use it without fully obstructing your
view for you to be able to focus on your driving. It has a strong suction
design that fully latches on a flat, clean surface ensuring that your phone is
safe and won’t move.

All of the parts of this phone mount are made
out of high-quality ABS, PP, and PVC materials that are guaranteed durable and
long-lasting. The structure of the phone mount is exceptionally sturdy and the
suction cup is made to be extra sticky and can be reused multiple times. If the
suction fails to stick, just rinse it with water and air dry, and it will be
back to its clean and crisp state.

This phone mount is equipped with long arms
that can be adjusted to fit your mobile phone. It is secured by ball joints so
you can rotate it to suit your viewing preferences. You can adjust its angle
easily so you can navigate with ease, or turn it away so it won’t obstruct your

This Car Phone Holder has a One-click release
button that instantly relaxes when pressed so you can get or put your mobile
phone in place. This mount is the perfect gift item for drivers and loved ones who
are constantly on the lookout for a sturdy and stable Car Mobile Phone Holder.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS, PP, PVC

Size: Panel: 50mm to 100mm Suction cup: 68mm

Weight: 170g

Functions: Car Mobile Phone Holder

Width of Clamp Arm: 2.2 Inch – 3.8 Inch

Depth of Phone Cradle: 0.7 Inch (Thick Case


Package Inclusion:

1 * Car Mobile Phone Holder

1 * User Manual

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