USB Interface Beverage Cup Heater Insulating Coffee Cup Coaster


Keep your beverage at their optimum
temperature to preserve their taste and quality with this Beverage Heating
Coaster. This coaster prevents you from drinking a lukewarm coffee or tea,
perfect for office and home use.

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Product Description:

Keep your drink warm
with this Insulating Cup Coaster. This is made out of high-quality metal,
complemented by other heating materials that are uniformly safe and resistant
to use

The coaster is powered
by any device with 5V USB output port, such as your computer, desk, laptop,
tablet, mobile power, etc., very convenient and practical.

This device is
lightweight and is compact in size, easy to carry, and suitable for most
stainless-steel cups, baby bottles, ceramic cups, glass cups, etc.

It keeps your coffee,
tea, and other hot drinks up to 80 
, so you do not have to
worry about your drink getting exposed to high temperature and high oxidation,
very safe to use, and does not change the taste of your drink.



Main Material: Iron and
Metal Shell

Type: bright wood
grain, dark wood grain (Optional)

Size: D103xH16mm

Power: 5 W

Voltage: 5 V

Electric current:

Working temperature:


Package Inclusion:

1 * Cup Heater with USB
Cable (Cups are not included)




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