Weighted Hula Hoop Indoor Smart Fitness Shape Sculpting Hoop


Start your weight loss journey with this
Weighted Hula Hoop. This Sculpting Hoop helps reduce the slight accumulation of
fat and body mass on your abdominal area, making your waist thinner and

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Each hoop is equipped with a weighted ball
that does not fall, providing more power to the hula hoop and can help burn
fats faster than traditional hoops. It can also massage your abdominal area and
helps improve your digestion.

The hula hoop is equipped with an LCD
Display counter, which automatically displays and records the turns made to aid
you in your fitness journey.

This weighted hoop is made out of ABS
materials, generally environmentally friendly, safe, durable, and non-toxic, it
is also divided into different segments which you can remove or place as you

To make sure that the counter is working,
please make sure that the weight counter is installed in the standard
installation method and position. It should be installed according to
instructions, otherwise, it won’t be used accordingly.



Color: Black and Pink, Black and Red, Black
and Purple, Pink

Material: ABS, PP

Maximum adjustable diameter: 42 cm

Minimum adjustable diameter: 32 cm

Weight: 1.2kg

Functions: Abdominal Exercising Tool



1 * Weighted Hula Hoop

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Weight1.25 kg


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