5 Nozzle Facial Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner- USB Charging


Different from the traditional method of
removing blackheads, the latest generation of blackhead remover uses innovative
vacuum technology. The blackhead remover generates airflow and centrifugal
force to separate the blackheads from the skin without causing pain. It has a
stronger suction power to clean your skin deeply and it can effectively remove
stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease, and makeup residues.

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Product Description:

This Blackhead Remover is designed
ergonomically, easy to use, and operate. It comes with 3 suction levels for
different skin types and to prevent tagging and damaging your skin. Choose the
level according to your skin type and the severity of your blackheads.

This Facial Deep Cleaner has 5 interchangeable nozzles to target different areas and problems in your face.
But please do take note not to use the remover in the same spot for more than 3
seconds, do upwards and downwards motion to avoid skin discoloration and

Smallest Tip- This tip is the
smallest one out of the 5 tips. It is mainly used to suck blackheads at the tip
and bridge of the nose, and other areas that cannot be reached by the big tip.

Small Round Hole Tip- This tip
has a weak suction power in comparison to the others. It can be used for those
who have sensitive skin.

Oval Orifice- This tip is
mainly used on the eye area, specifically on the corners of the eyes and mouth.
Use this tip in pulling and bottom-up motions to increase skin elasticity.

Large Round Hole- This tip is
mainly used to suck blackhead grease. This can be used on dry face, clearing
the blockages caused by make-up.

Microcrystalline Head- This tip
is mainly used to remove the accumulated dead skin which causes the skin to be
rough and dry.

This blackhead remover is made from durable
ABS material, which adopts from high-tech vacuum suction technology, quickly
removes blackheads, acne, grease, etc.


Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 5.5 * 4 * 5cm

Weight: 120g

Functions: Blackhead Remover

Charging Interface: USB

Battery Information: Built-in Rechargeable
450mAh Lithium Battery


Package Inclusion:

1 * Suction Machine

5 * Interchangeable Heads

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual


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