Yoga Foam Roller Electric Vibration Rechargeable Adjustable Massager Yoga Fitness Pain Therapy Fitness Shaping


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Product Description:

Roller Material: This massager is made out of skin-friendly
EPP material, with wave-shaped convex surface hardness, and it has wave convex
design which allows the vibration to penetrate deep into the muscles, perfectly
designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The EPP material is non-toxic
and safe for humans. Compared with EVA material, EPP material is lighter,
waterproof, and moisture-proof. It is damage resistant and it is very durable.
Due to its low density and high hardness, it can effectively transmit kinetic
energy to the user’s body.


Electric Foam Roller Technology: This massager is using high-power
magnetic motor; has an output of up to 75 times per second of strong vibration,
with 5-speed shift adjustment, letting your muscles relax at the comfort of
your own home.


Electric Stick Performance: This product is using bamboo
charcoal fiber heating technology that is guaranteed safe and healthy. It also
emits 50C constant temperature, giving you a better massage experience.


Battery performance: This massage roller is equipped
with a built-in lithium battery; it has a battery capacity of 2200mAh that can
work for about 2.5 hours if fully charged. This product can last for a week,
used in mid-range intensity, for about 30 minutes a day.


Repair muscles: Select the appropriate gear
according to the adaptability of your muscles to vibration. After doing
strenuous exercise, the core muscle group is recommended to use the middle and
low-grade massage to avoid secondary damage to the muscles.



Product Specifications:

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Color: Blue

Material: EPP

Velocity: 900-4500R/MIN

Gear: 5

Charging: USB Charge

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Standard Voltage: 110V


Package Inclusion:

1 x Rolling Massager

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