Battery/USB Charging K9 Temperature & Disinfectant Machine


Do not put your health at risk and ensure that the people
entering your premises are sanitized and do not have a fever with this
Temperature and Disinfectant Machine. this device has an alarm function, which
takes of when the temperature is above normal for your safety. 

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This is a 2-in-1
infrared thermometer and automatic soap dispenser. It comes with temperature
measurement and disinfection function right in the palm of your hand. It is
also equipped with a backlit LCD digital display for clear reading.

The innovative
high-tech infrared sensor can measure safely and quickly in 500 milliseconds
and comes with an optical fault detection warning and optical abnormal
temperature warning.

It comes with a
fever alarm function, when the temperature is abnormal, the red backlight and
buzzer will alert the patient.

Fahrenheit or
Celsius temperature unit conversion can be used comfortably for different
people. It is a lightweight infrared forehead thermometer, no need to hold. It
can be hung, mount using double-sided tape, or mount using a fixed bracket.

The high-capacity
dispenser can accommodate up to 1000ml of liquid and can be used for hand
sanitizers or alcohol, making it more convenient to use. It has a light
energy-saving function and automatic power-on function to save power and



Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 119X133X280mm

Weight: 952g

Temperature & Disinfecting Machine

Power Supply: 4 *
AA Battery (not included), USB

temperature: 10 ~40 (recommended 15~35)      

Accuracy: 1+-0.2°C
(34-45°C) Place in the operating environment for 30mins before using

Measuring range:

Response time:

Standby mode: 5S
standby during non-working time, red dot dynamic cycle

Capacity: 1000mL

Alarm Type:
Flashing, Beeping (DIDIDIDI)

LED Display:

Temperature: Adjustable

Product Power: 5W

Liquid Type: Spray



1 * Temperature
& Disinfecting Machine

1 * Bracket

1 * Screw Set

1 * USB Type C

1 * User Manual


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