Cozy Calm U-Shaped Calming Pillow for Small Dogs and Cats


Ultimate comfort for small dogs and cats! This U-Shaped Calming
Pillow offers a cozy space for relaxation. Plush and supportive, it promotes a
sense of security. Perfect for anxious pets. Easy to clean. Give your furry
friends the comfort they deserve!

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Product Description:

Provide ultimate comfort and relaxation for your small dogs and
cats with this U-Shaped Calming Pillow. Designed specifically for their needs,
this pillow offers a cozy and calming space for your furry friends to unwind
and rest.

Crafted in a U-shape, this pillow provides optimal support for
their head and neck, promoting a sense of security and tranquility. The plush
and soft material ensures a gentle touch, making it perfect for pets with
anxiety or stress.

The U-Shaped Calming Pillow is versatile and suitable for various
small dog and cat breeds. It offers a dedicated space where they can curl up,
sleep, or simply find solace. It can be used in pet beds, crates, or even while

With its durable construction and easy-to-clean design, this
pillow is a practical choice for pet owners. It is machine washable, allowing
for convenient maintenance and hygiene.

Give your small dogs and cats the comfort they deserve with our
U-Shaped Calming Pillow. Create a serene and tranquil environment where they
can relax and recharge.

Product Specification:

Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink, White

Weight: 380g

Material: Pearl Cotton + PP Cotton

Size: 26 x 7cm

Function: Pet Calming Pillow

Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet Calming Pillow

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Weight0.38 kg

Yellow, Blue, Pink, White


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