USB Rechargeable Interactive Automatic Bouncing Ball Pet Toy


Keep your pet from sleeping all day by giving them an
interactive toy that they can play with. This bouncing ball emits light and
rolls over, keeping your cats entertained for some time.

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Product Description:

The cat toy ball can simulate the escape trajectory of the
prey and roll, and after hitting the obstacle, it will intelligently choose a
route to avoid it—no need to worry about getting stuck in corners.

It is made of silicone materials, making it resistant to collision
and will not scatter and is suitable for use on wood floors, tile floors, hard
floors, and thin carpets. Playing with it at night will not disturb neighbors
or disturb sleep.

It supports multiple modes, so your pet can play with it in
different ways. Crazy mode- emits purple light; it bounces frequently and rolls
occasionally, Normal mode- emits breathing orange light; it rolls frequently
and occasionally jumps, Standby- emits yellow breathing lights, no movements,
tap to trigger.

This interactive pet toy is perfect for keeping your pet moving and entertained when the owner cannot play with him. Keeping them
active helps maintain their health and enhances their agility, speed, and their natural
hunting instincts.



Color: Green

Material: PC, Silicone

Size: 48mm

Weight: 48g

Function: Pet Toy

Battery Information: 150mAh

Power Supply: 5V 1A


Package Inclusion:

1 x Interactive Pet Toy

1 x Type C Cable 

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