LED Wrist Powerball Hand Grip Strengthener Wrist Forearm Exerciser for Stronger Wrist Bones and Muscle


This hand-held wonder spins at up to
15,000-plus RPM and uses angular momentum to give your fingers, hands, wrists
and forearms a sweat-inducing workout. Just a few minutes a day with it can be
equivalent to hours of full-motion work with a dumbbell or curl. It provides
excellent strength-building benefits to athletes looking to hone their forearm
and wrist strength. Plus, it’s really fun to operate! The compact,
break-resistant design means you can toss it in your bag for strengthening on
the go.
It’s a great gift for anyone with no time to work out.

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Wrists and Hands spins at up to 15,000+ RPM to exercise and strengthen wrists
and hands. You’ll feel the burn in just a minute of spinning.


certainly requires some fine motor skills in order to use. The dominant
hand/arm was easily able to keep the ball going, that it will help refine your
fine motor skills in that non-dominant hand/arm.


with a military-grade plastic shell, a break-resistant structure and reversible
inner tracks for 2X lifespan.


batteries required, you can get a challenging, strengthening workout anytime,
anywhere, even on your lunch break. Exercise your fingers, wrists, hands,
forearms, shoulders, increase your arm strength. Self-starting, no cumbersome,
easy to use, cool lights design,


core burning cool lamp the design of the cool colorful lights does not require
charging and batteries, and the physical power generation is preferably made of
zinc alloy. The weight is moderate and does not hurt your hands.


output effect diagram the principle of physical centrifugal mechanics, the
rhythm and speed of the core rotation can be adjusted through artificial
control, the faster the speed, the greater the f3.



Color: Blue, Red,

Weight: 450g

Material: Plastic

Size: 7 x 7 x 5 cm

Power Supply: Magnet

Function: Wrist
Strength Device



1 x Wrist Power Ball

Additional information

Weight0.45 kg

Blue, Red, Colorful


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