Pack of 2 Full Spectrum LED Growth Light for Indoor Plants


This growth light provides sufficient light for your indoor
plants, effectively supplementing the lack of natural sunlight and promoting plants’ healthy growth. It can provide a full spectrum, red and blue spectrum, or a mixed range to meet the lighting conditions required by plants at
different stages.

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Product Description:

This plant growth light looks like a cowboy hat, combining the
classic western aesthetics of the last century with modern design. The warm
natural light helps plants grow and is the most stylish addition
to any room.

The compact grow light adopts high-quality super bright LED
lights, 52 LED lights provide a full spectrum of 190nm-790nm, perfect for all growth
stages and various plants, such as herbs, succulents, orchids, tomatoes, etc.
(50,000 hours lifespan)

The plant growth light is available in 3 colors, red, blue, and
purple, each with 10 dimming levels. This indoor grow light has a telescoping
pole (7.4 to 28 inches, about 18.1 to 71.1 cm), which can be retracted up and

It provides a circular memory timer function with 3 optional
timers – 3H/9H/12H. When it stays powered on, it will automatically turn on and
off every day according to your settings.

To install, you can stick it in the potted plant, adjust the
height and angle, then turn on and adjust the lighting and brightness you want.



Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 13 x 71 cm

Weight: 320g

Function: Plant Growth Light

Usage Time: 3H, 9H, 12H

Input voltage: 5V

Actual power: 8.5W

Luminous mode: red/blue/red + blue (cycle switching)

Number of lamp beads: 52PCS X2 (35Red X2 +17Blue X2))

Number of LED beads: 52

Protection level: IP55

Control mode: controller

Life span: 30000 (H)


Package Inclusion:

2 x Plant Growth Light

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