Trace and Draw Kid’s Projection Drawing Table Sketching Desk


Unleash your child’s artistic sides and let them enjoy the
fun of drawing with this Kid’s Sketching Desk. This table is perfect for your
children, who are just starting to draw and color their creations. 

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Product Description:

This table is made out of high-quality ABS material,
perfectly safe and non-toxic, making it safe for children to use.

The package includes a drawing projector table equipped with
24pcs projections of different patterns, a picture book, and 12 colored pens.
When cleaning, Please sprinkle a little water before wiping the drawing board to
make it easier to wipe clean.

To use this high-quality projector, just turn off the light,
turn on the projector and insert the prepared slides and track, and then you
can draw lines or color the pictures.

This cute projector makes game time interesting, and it is
also a communication link between you and your child. This item is suitable as
a birthday, holiday, or Christmas gift.



Color: Pink

Material: ABS

Size: 35 * 21 * 25cm

Weight: 600g

Functions: Children’s Drawing Table

Battery Information: 3 * AA batteries (not included)


Package Inclusion:

1x Projection Board

3 x Slideshow (8 patterns each piece)

12 x Watercolor Pen

1x Drawing Book

1 x Eraser

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