USB Plugged-in Digital LED Alarm Clock with USB Charging


Tell time in a single glance and charge your mobile phone
using a single device with this LED Clock and Phone Charger. You can also set
up an alarm so you can wake up on time. 

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This clock is
equipped with a 6.5” LED screen with a mirror surface shows clear and distinct
time, temperature, and humidity just for you. It has a stylish appearance that
is not only perfect as a home décor, but also can be used as a mirror when you
need to.

This alarm clock
is able to set 3 groups of alarm time in a day’s time, and can be set to
optionally wake you in a few-minute intervals to replace the snooze function,
with soft alarm tones so you wake up lively and not cranky.

This alarm clock
comes with dual USB ports; one for the clock’s power supply, another for
charging your mobile device. Note: The USB power cable needs to be plugged into
a power source to enable charging.

The clock comes
with automatic brightness adjustment, Bright/Medium/Dim,3 kinds of brightness
can be automatically switched according to need to adjust the light
every time.

The alarm clock
with USB charger can be powered by USB devices ,Battery Backup (included) helps
to memorize all settings when meet power outage. 



Color: Gray,

Material: ABS, PC

Size: 180X80X57mm

Weight: 350g

Digital Clock

Power Supply: USB

measurement range: -20~+50

measurement range: 10%~95%



1 * LED Alarm

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual


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